First Visit

At Rilion Gracie BJJ we believe everybody deserves to learn how to defend themselves in a safe environment. For that reason safety is our number one priority.

What will my first class be like?

All of our classes begin with a quick warm up to get the blood flowing. The warm up consists of jogging, stretching, and some specific BJJ movements.¬†Following the warm up the instructors will teach you a few techniques in depth. Our instructors and students know the first priority is to keep everybody safe, so the main focus is on practicing. To help facilitate this, you’ll be paired up with more advanced students who will show you the ropes.

To finish class we’ll do a quick cool down with some stretching. Afterwards, you’ll have a chance to recover from your very first BJJ class, a day few people forget. One of our staff members can then discuss our membership plans, and answer any questions you have.

If you have any relevant medical issues please let one of our staff members or instructors know before class begins so they can make the requisite adjustments to fit your needs.

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What should I bring?

Get ready to sweat! Especially when you’re first learning jiu jitsu, all the movements are going to seem difficult, but you’ll be able to do them in your sleep after a little practice. Because of all the hard work you’ll be putting in you should bring

  • Workout clothes
  • Water bottle or sports drink
  • Snack for after class
  • Your own gi or kimono, if you have one
  • Mouth guard, if you have one
  • An ID

All the other equipment will be provided for you and explained at the beginning of your class.

We know learning something new, especially a martial art, can be a little scary, so we always encourage you to bring a friend, as well. If you’re the brave one of your group, though, don’t worry, you’ll be making friends with our other members once you step in the door.

Have more questions?

Give us a call at (713) 471 0644

For parents

Our kids classes are focused not only on learning self defense, but teaching respect, discipline, and focus. But kids have a lot of energy, as we’re sure you know, so we teach these lessons through games. This means your child will be moving, a lot. You know your child’s needs best, but here are a few things we’ve found that will help your child make it through class, having a good time the whole way through.

  • Lots of kids like to wear workout clothes under their gis or kimonos. We especially recommend bringing a t-shirt for them to wear.
  • Your child will likely get very hungry and thirsty during class from all the exercise. We recommend bringing a water bottle or sports drink, and small snack they can eat after class.
  • If your child already has a gi or kimono, like one used in karate, they can use it during class. Otherwise, we will provide one for them.